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Anonymous said: okay so we all knew this one was coming for your music meme: GOKUDERA


Ludovico Einaudi - Primavera

Okay so aside from this being a gorgeous piano piece by an Italian composer that Gokudera would TOTALLY PLAY and you can’t tell me he wouldn’t, the feel of this piece really reminds me of Gokudera. It starts out kind of fragile and lonely, but with this resilient undertone, like the subject of the piece is taking a licking but doing their best to keep on ticking. Then at around 2 minutes in, the piece suddenly kicks it into high gear and it’s all STRINGS!! and DETERMINATION!! and FUCK YEAH THE RAGING STORM THAT DOESN’T END GRARRRR. And it’s just awesome and I love it so much ok.


Hans Zimmer - Mombasa (Inception OST)

So this is another instrumental piece that reminds me of Gokudera because, again, RAGING STORM and all that jazz. Actually, if anything, this might be my Sistema C.A.I. theme song.

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elanorpam said: Question tho: if Gokudera were to play Sburb, he'd totally be a Knight-- but what of? (Knight of Boom?)

If we are doing this based off the official classes/aspects, I would say Knight of Hope, because like you said OBVIOUSLY HE IS A KNIGHT, and because Gokudera is all about the determination, and the Hope aspect seems to be related to the power of belief and stuff (at least the wiki says so??), which is kind of similar? I mean, he’s got mad faith in Tsuna and the Vongola. FAITH UP THE WAZOO.

If we’re just doing made-up titles though then I’ll go with TEMPLAR OF GUSTO.

KHR 30 Days Character Meme - Day 5

Day 5 - Best personality feature.

Whoops, I guess I jumped the gun yesterday, huh? Well, to be honest, I’m having a tough time distinguishing between “mental feature” and “personality feature”; both questions to me read as “best aspect of his character that isn’t physical.” I guess you could interpret the first as intellectual as opposed to emotional, maybe…?

Well, all right, since I don’t want to be here all night pondering it, let’s go with that. So since I answered Day 5’s question already, I’ll take another stab at “best mental feature” today. Gokudera is a very intelligent character (for all that you wouldn’t know it most of the time just by watching him spaz out all over the place), but I’d say the thing that impresses me most when it comes to intellect is his ability to track about a billion variables at once. Like, if you think about his fighting style, the number of calculations he’s got to be doing constantly is just kind of staggering. Let’s take the rocket bombs as an example!

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KHR 30 Days Character Meme - Day 4

Day 4 - Best mental feature.

He has no off switch. Gokudera’s emotions are like a broken water tap that’s always running full blast, AND THERE ARE NO PLUMBERS. ALL THE PLUMBERS ARE DEAD. Basically what I’m trying to say is he’s a crazy guy who just has ALL THE FEELINGS and practically no control over any of them. If I ever met someone like this in real life I’m pretty sure they would drive me nuts, but slap this personality trait on a fictional teenage boy and I am ALL OVER THAT SHIT.

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KHR 30 Days Character Meme - Day 3

Day 3 - Best physical feature.

His face. More specifically, his faces. Gokudera has one of the most expressive faces of any character in any anime/manga I can think of, and the great thing is that because of his personality, we get to see him cycle through his full range of expressions on a fairly regular basis. Let me tell you, I love this child, but no one ever said he had a good poker face. William Shatner would look at him and call him overdramatic.



^ I stole this thing from Wikipedia and one of these days it would be great fun/a magnificent waste of time to go through the entire list and find a Gokudera face for EVERY ONE OF THESE EMOTIONS. But as it is, I’m just going to post a few of my favorites.

(warning: “a few” = “20, apparently.”)

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KHR 30 Days Character Meme - Day 2

Day 2 - Your First Impression

Pretty sure my very first thought in relation to Gokudera was something along the line of “THAT HAIR, THOUGH.” This was before the hair was sexy, you see. When Amano’s art style for KHR sexied up, Gokudera’s hair was one of the first things to go FULL SEXY, but back when he first showed up… well, you know what, it’s easier to just…



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KHR 30 Days Character Meme - Day 1

So I’m just about wrapping up the most chaotic fucking week ever, and during said week, there were several points where I just said to myself, “Self, if you ever make it through this stupid week, you need to set aside some time to sit back and do something that makes you happy.”

"That’s all well and good, but what does make me happy?" I replied (to myself). Then I actually thought about it for two seconds and was all like, "OH YEAH, RAMBLING ABOUT KHR CHARACTERS."

So yeah, that’s the story of how I am finally going to try out this meme and spend the next month TALKING ABOUT GOKUDERA, oh my gosh I am so excited.

Day 1 - Introduce the character.

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KHR 314: Delicious Math

I actually have reviewed this chapter before but that was MANY MOONS AGO so let’s revisit it just for fun! It’s not like I’m going to say no to this chapter because LOOK WHO IT IS ON THE COVER.


Fuck yes, we are doing this. Right now.

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Gokudera Hayato - Request by: Anon.

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Happy Birthday, Guardian of Storm.