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thelaziesthufflepuff said: for the music meme- Tsuna!

Mogwai - Auto Rock

I love how this track starts out as a very simple piano melody, and then as it continues, it builds slowly in the background, with drums, guitars, synths, and so forth kicking in. And all the while the melody just persistently marches on, and before you know it, what started out as something quiet and almost timid has turned into something powerful and epic. CAN YOU SEE WHY I PICKED THIS TRACK FOR TSUNA.


In-Flight Safety - Big White Elephant

All eyes
Always down
Wake up
Don’t you dare to let us down

This is just an awesome song, and I always like it when a song reminds me of a character both musically and lyrically, as is the case here.

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Unlimited Anime Characters → 02. Sawada Tsunayoshi

“My pride is my comrades, my friends!”

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Happy Happy Birthday, Vongola Decimo!

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Happy Birthday, Sawada Tsunayoshi. 14/10.

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KHR 403: This is Some Bullshit

So let me get this straight, Amano. You had a chapter that featured Adult!Reborn and included a foolproof canon excuse to make Tsuna’s pants LITERALLY FLY OFF, and instead you give us this.

Way to spoil a perfectly excellent joke.

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Tsuna & Natsu - Requested by iamforeverhappy