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Anonymous said: yamamoto from khr?

The Killers - Bling (Confessions of a King)

How do you know that you’re right
If you’re not nervous anymore?
It’s not so bad, it’s not so bad

Higher and higher, we’re gonna take it
Down to the wire, we’re gonna make it
Out of the fire
Higher and higher

Yamamoto gets a super shounen-y song because fuck yeah Yamamoto. And idk but I just feel like this song has a very Yamamoto vibe to it. Even the way the lyrics use sound effect words like “HOOH” and “pling”, because Yama totally does that and it’s awesome.


Ramin Djawadi - Driving With the Top Down (Iron Man OST)

I have OST tracks picked out for almost all of the main KHR characters. At some point I had vague plans in my head to do a KHR fanmix consisting entirely of instrumental tracks. This one is Yamamoto’s because it’s upbeat and heroic and badass with just a hint of :D to it.

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a haiku for yamamoto takeshi

Baseball Idiot
I forgot your birthday (oops)
Here is a haiku

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Do not underestimate the Vongola!

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KHR 397: I Was at the Beach

Because it was the weekend, Jump. Who the hell releases shit on the weekend? If you hate me, you can just admit it to my face, you know. No need to sneak behind my back and quietly update while I’m away being smacked in the face by waves and also accidentally by my brother who got a little too excited by said waves.

Anyway yeah this recap is late whoops.

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We Have Our Heading

394 is still not done working its magic on me, guys. D:

So I wrote… something…

Just… yeah.


“These guys… sure do hate puppets,” observed Gokudera as he, Yamamoto, and Tsuna stood around surveying the aftermath of Jager’s would-be bloodbath.

“Mmm…” hummed Tsuna in agreement as he nudged a dismembered arm with his foot, his expression one of mildly bemused horror. Yamamoto just nodded as he strolled around taking in the carnage.

“Seriously, they just murdered the shit out of—” All of a sudden Gokudera broke off, his jaw dropping open as he stepped forward toward an all-too familiar-looking cranium. “Oh my God…” He crouched down, taking on an expression much like Tsuna’s. “They cut off my head!”

“What?” said Yamamoto, instantly dropping whatever gruesome thing he’d been messing around with to run over.

“What the fuck…” Gokudera slowly turned the head over in his hands, staring in morbid fascination.

“Whoa, it really is you!” Yamamoto exclaimed, looking bizarrely impressed.

Gokudera continued to eye the head somewhat thoughtfully. “I don’t think I saw it coming,” he said at last.

Suddenly Yamamoto’s eyes lit up. “Hey, let me see it for a sec.” Frowning, Gokudera handed it over. Yamamoto held it up with both hands and stared at it very seriously for about five seconds.

Then with a sudden dramatic flourish, he lifted it high and said in his very best Shakespearean voice, “Alas, poor Yorick!”

Gokudera blinked. Then he snorted.

Yamamoto looked back at him, grinning.

“Cut it out, idiot,” Gokudera said. Then, with just the slightest hint of a smirk, he added, “You’re giving me a headache.”

Yamamoto laughed and grinned wider. “Sorry, was I getting a big head?”

“Don’t get ahead of yourself.”

“I was just trying to get a head start!”

They both looked at each other. Then they cracked up.

“Hey, Tsuna!” Yamamoto called. “Heads up!”

He flung the head without warning toward a startled Tsuna who jumped and only just barely managed to catch it in time.

Then he looked at what he was holding, promptly dropped it on the ground, and screamed.

Yamamoto and Gokudera winced. Tsuna looked back at them aghast, and they both had the grace to look mildly guilty.


“…Sorry, Tenth.”

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tyl: yamamoto takeshi
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Best Smile: Yamamoto Takeshi
The votes are in! Follow for future rankings. All are welcome to submit rankings for consideration!


Best Smile: Yamamoto Takeshi

The votes are in! Follow for future rankings. All are welcome to submit rankings for consideration!

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